Luminode : Kickstarter Project Looks Promising

After a year I have finally gotten my Z-Wave system as integrated as much as I can with my time and all that I really need. The only problem I have is those darn 3-way and 4-way lights. I hear GE came out with new modules that fixed a lot of the problem, but I have been too lazy to look further into it. Anyway, I was on Kickstarter the other day pledging for something else and saw this in the sidebar and it really seems cool.

Basically it is a smart switch that seems to learn behaviors. It creates a mesh network like Z-Wave and all the devices communicate. After having invested significant money into the Z-Wave system, I don’t want to kick out more for this, so I contacted the guy running this. He got back to me very quickly and told me that they are coming up with protocol in XML that will communicate with Z-Wave. I think I am going to give this a shot and see how it goes. I hope it gets funded because it seems like a great idea if it plays with Z-Wave. Not does the learning behavior interest me, but the simplified wiring is very appealing (unlike my GE experience).

What do you guys think? I’d really be interested in what you all who have extensive Z-Wave and home automation experience think. I am only a “casual” user with lights and some scenes going on in my house.

I would post the link, but I am not allowed, according to the board. Probably from lack of posts or excessive lurking. Who knows. I will try to just put it below