LuaUPnP on Windows

I found a link that is interesting:

I found a thread talking about it but it was abandoned, so I decided to start another.,7709.0.html

It seems that it is possible to run the engine on a Windows PC, that sounds VERY interesting, because this way, we can stop worrying about the processor and memory issues with the right PC, maybe get a fanless PC or something… Has anyone try this? Any comments or suggestions?

The documentation is not so clear for me, because it says that it is possible to use a Z-Wave dongle on a PC, but it don’t says if it is mandatory. If it is, I need to buy one. December is a difficult month, but I will try this on January, hope we can share some thoughts in the meanwhile through here.


Have Fun!
Any problems … and you are likely on your own (Vera or Plugin)

To add to RichardTSchaefer’s comment, I would not waste your time on it. It will most likely not get you anywhere.

  • Garrett

Thanks for your comments! Garrettwp, why would you say that? Don’t you think it could improve memory and processor with a more powerfull computer than VeraLite?

Well for starters it is most likely the LuaUPnP code is outdated (from 2011) and is not up to date with the current code found on the latest firmware, second there is absolutely no support. Not from the community or from MCV.

  • Garrett

Thanks Garret, now I get it.

Actually, one of the main reasons I abandoned my Homeseer system with ZWave, X10 and VB support was that I din’t want to run a PC and Windows 24x7. Have you though about Windows updates and mandatory restarts. Windows is too big and too complex for home automation purpose. You want to run you home on the simplest hardware/software possible.

BTW. I really miss the list of devices in Homeseer. It gives me everything in one snapshot . I wish Vera had one.

I think that with a little patience you can do this webpage in Vera.

It should be possible. But how?
I think Vera gives you an XML file, but then you need to convert to to HTML.

You need an xml parser, it is not so difficult. Although you wont be able to control, only view the status. You could also implement control with alittle bit more patience.

I checked for automatic xml to html converter and I found a few, but I couldn’t put them to work.

I could gladly help, but next year, you now all the dinners and all the stuff going on on December…

In the meanwhile, maybe you can be helped in here:

Sounds good. I am up for it.

The EventWatcher plugin already provides a list of devices (and more besides). The actual report is generated by sending an HTTP request to Vera of the form:


which returns a web page which is sortable by various categories by clicking on the column headings.

Basic instructions for installing are here:,18749.0.html, but you should also update the Lua file with the latest from here:,16984.msg139085.html#msg139085

Example device list attached…

— edit, sorry, wrong URL. See the start of the other thread for install instructions. —

Thank you. I will use it.