LUA test

Hi, I used this utility before and was OK. Now when I type ‘http://192.168.xx.xxxx:3480/data_request?id=lr_LuaTest&file=example.lua’ I get an error no handler. what am I doing wrong ?

Looks like you need to install the Lua Test code.
I have not used it so I do not know if it’s a plugin or if you need to install some code to your Startup LUA to register the Tesst handler.

Thanks a lot Richard. The instructions say to add 3 lines to startup LUA. I continue to have them.

You might check (Apps → My Apps → LUA Files) to make sure the LUA files for the Test code was not deleted.

Thanks again Richard. I am relatively new here. How to know which LUA files are required. From write up what I understood was just add three lines such as :

local rblt = require(“RBLuaTest”)

rbLuaTest = rblt.rbLuaTest


Do you think the rbLuaTest and LuaTest are LUA files for the same ? I know you are a busy man and still trying to help. Your help is highly appreciated.

Thanks Richard for putting me on right track. I have got it through on your guidance. Thanks once again.