lu_action - How To ?


I’m looking to try out the lu_action option for a PLEG action, e.g

URL version

What format would I use for lu_action? - When I’ve tried the following it does not seem to work


Have tried the following but no joy…


I’m also noticing that when I try these the connection (wifi icon top right) changes to a red cloud, to suggest something is not quite right.

The HomeWave website gives this example…


But I cant get that to work either for one of my dimmers :frowning:

Your last example and the one from the website are correct, but perhaps something is broken (it’s not exactly a widely used feature)

Thanks @intveltr

I can’t seem to get URLs or lu_actions to work…

Hi @intveltr

Does it work for you?

As I’ve moved over to PLEG this feature should allow me to call any PLEG Actions I’ve created. The alternative is to create a scene that HomeWave points to which then points to the PLEG action. (Which is a longer route and creates a memory overhead on Vera for each scene used as an intermediary)

Maybe people don’t really know/appreciate the ability this feature provides via HomeWave, it’s only really now that I’ve started to explore it myself :slight_smile:

Can I help with any testing?

Any idea why it would change my connection icon from a Wi-Fi one to a red cloud when I try it?