Lowes z-wave Iris devices : no more zwave logo

I was just at Lowes picking up some stuff and noticed they had a new Utilitech glass break sensor. Normally Utilitech Iris products carry the z-wave logo on the back of the package if they speak zwave. This one did not but packaging looked identical to the other Utilitech z-wave devices. So I checked the Utilitech water leak detector packages. Which I know are z-wave as I have some. No more z-wave logo on those packages anymore either. So I checked the ZCOMBO and ZSMOKE ones and noticed the z-wave logo is no longer present on these packages either. Again I know they are z-wave as I have 2 ZCOMBO unitss

I’m hoping they did not redo these for eg Zigbee instead of Z-Wave. In my humbleopinion not listing these as Z-Wave compatible when they are would only reduce sales a s people with z-wave controllers other than Irus won’t realize they can use these devices. I’ve bought ZCOMBO’s, leak detectors and even some GE devices at Lowes due to good prices. All working fine with Vera

I agree with you. I have bought a number of z-wave items at Lowe’s…

Some of the IRIS devices use Wifi instead of ZWave. Are you sure that you were not looking at a model that was converted/modified to Wifi only?

I was hoping it wasn’t just me that noticed that at Lowe’s. It also appears to me (at my Lowe’s anyway), that they aren’t renewing the inventory as quickly as they used to. For example, my Lowe’s has essentially stopped carrying some of the zwave (GE) switches I used to buy there.

Thanks for advice! Seems like Lowe’s have some good price on Z-Wave devices. First Alert smoke & CO sensor at Lowe’s didn’t have any z-wave logo on package but does work with Vera Edge with previous firmware (know issue with Vera latest upgrade). Also I did purchase flood sensor (with a Z-Wave logo) made by Ultitech. After pairing with my Vera that comes out as an Everspring flood sensor. Pick up that sensor for $30 + my 5% off using my Lowe’s card bring price to $28 where lowest price on Amazon for same sensor made by Eversping is about $39.

I buy alot from LOWES because of price. Even the GE switches are cheaper then online and return is easy. If you google you can find $10 off 50.00 or other discounts and order online and pickup in store for a better then 5% off.

Also I’m running the BETA with the Z-Combo smokes and all is good now. I was originally holding back before the BETA.

I agree with you. I have bought a number of z-wave items at Lowe’s…[/quote]


I also noticed that the z-wave logos have been removed… but even without the logo the iris water sensor worked fine with a Vera 3.


Looks like they don’t even sell the switches under the Iris name anymore… at least online. they are all branded as GE, and seem to have the standard pricing now :frowning: