Lowes Linear Garage Door Opener

I just bought a lowes linear GD00z-1 garage door opener. I can’t get it to configure after 5 tries. Anyone else had this problem. I have sent support request to Vera. After reading online, I am not the only person having a problem. Below is the guarantee from Vera. I hope they make good on it.

Distinguishing Vera in the Home Control, Automation and Security industry is our unique guarantee of compatibility: Vera?s guarantee means that every new Z-Wave device will work with your Vera system.

Considering there are many hundreds of compatible Z-Wave devices already, and new ones keep appearing every week, it?s quite a guarantee!

dude! search the forum, your question has been answered

New FW released today supports it finally… works like a champ.


I thought I saw cherubs with harps flying around the garage door. Will give it a shot this afternoon. If it works, I need another one.