Low Voltage Door Jam and Vera

HI, in another thread someone recommended that for my new construction home I use a low voltage door jam rather than z-wave locks. I’m trying to understand what equipment I would need and how the lock would be controllable via Vera. I can’t seem to find much on how Vera could control this sort of lock.

I gather they were referring to a door strike release which are installed directly in to the door jam and are commonly used for access control in industrial or commercial premises… such as http://m.jaycar.com.au/m_productView.asp?ID=LA5078

This would require a relay I think you find the details on the forum on the types available.

Thanks so with the link you gave and something like this, http://www.asihome.com/ASIshop/product_info.php?products_id=4618 , I could get this working. Seems a bit more “outside the mainstream” than using one of the Schlage or Kwikset locks. Just curious as to the communities general recommendations for someone new to all this as to which approach is better.

I’m thinking of wiring for the electric strike but initial using the z-wave locks.

Yes, that combination would do. They are commonly used in commercial installation and I a lot of intercom have button for this type of action to trigger the release.