Low Voltage Dimmer

So for the last 2 years now I’ve been using an Intermatic z-wave HA06C switch(now discontinued) with a low voltage Alfa AR151 Transformer on a Alfa 55008-STN/amb monotrack.


I did not know at the time that there was a difference between a low voltage dimmer and a regular dimmer. I’ve been lucky and not caused any known issues yet with the transformer. Though most of the time its either 100% on or off. So maybe that’s whats saving me?

Anyway, I want to correct this before it does kill the transformer. Do you guys think the Leviton VRMX1-1LZ will work well with this transformer?


Appreciate any guidance.


if i’m reading that datasheet right, your transformer is an electronic low voltage, not magnetic low voltage one so you would need something like this if that’s really the case:


Thanks zolakk. I think you may be right. I wasn’t aware it matters, electronic vs magnetic. I guess i have some more reading to do. Appreciate the help!