loss of internet service

I have been losing my internet service several times per day. I wonder if it is related to Vera. I have a wireless network. Vera is connected to my linksys wireless G router. This has been going on for about 3 weeks, which may be about the time I started using Vera. Vera is plugged into the router. I replaced my two year old linksys router with a new one, and replaced that one with another one. My internet service prover (Cox Communication) says my modem is good and that is my router. When I lose my internet, my network icon will read access: local only. The last time I replaced the router, I let linksys do it by remote access.

IP conflict? Does Vera gets its IP by DHCP, or it’s static?

Check your routers settings and see how often it resets the client release time for your DHCP. If that’s cauing the problem try setting a static ip for Vera.

Vera has been know to try to route all traffic though here. I have seen this it causes havoc.
I have not seen this in newer firmware.