Losing Routines on Forget/Discover

I think I have posted a while back on this issue, but just wanted to add some more information and perhaps a wider discussion.

The issue is that if you have Alexa Routines that use Vera devices or scenes as the “action” of a Routine, you will lose the functionality of the routine if you ever do a SmartHome Forget. Apparently the linkage from the devices in the Alexa device (or scene) list is broken when you do a Forget even if there has been no change to that device or scene on Vera.

I noticed this because I made some scene changes and then did the Forget/Discover on Alexa and all seemed to go well. But none of my Routines worked after that. I looked at them, and all the Routine actions were blank. Unfortunately there is no error message or status - the Routine action just becomes “blank”. Easy enough to fix by re-entering them, but annoying.

So I then wanted to know how device or scene deletions on Vera would affect Alexa if you do not do a Forget and just a Discover. A device that I deleted on Vera just became “Offline”. It would only delete on Alexa if you do the full Forget/Discover.

The bottom line, it seems, is just to never do a Forget unless you are willing to commit to re-entering your Routines.

Changing the properties of an existing scene is, of course, no problem as Alexa is still calling on Vera to perform the actual action.

Anybody have any ideas/input?

Thanks, Bob

Nothing that really helps, but I find the Alexa app to be a real mess. Every update to it and it seems to rediscover forgotten devices for me. I delete them and it picks them back up. This is devices not hooked to Vera, but items that could be linked there plus their own skill.

An example, I had to remove my Honeywell Thermostat from being visible by Alexa. I was running the Honeywell skill as well and it would constantly confuse the 2, even though I had 1 disabled in the Alexa app.

For me, Routines have never fully worked for items tied to Vera.

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Yes, the app is evolving…

But I have had no problems with Routines at all - they work very well for me. As long as I don’t stumble into the above issue by doing a Forget all is OK.

I have my Nest attached to Vera and also have the Alexa Nest skill - no issues.