Lorex IP Camera's

I’m looking to buy an all in one surveillance system and this caught my eye at a local Costco. Any chance this would/could be supported?


I’ve searched “Lorex” on this forum and cant find a definite NO on lorex. This system works with a bunch of different ipcam viewer apps so i why not zwave?


Lorex Cameras don’t play nice with Vera- I stopped trying - I have a separate app I can use to view the cam on my phone or tablet - you can view the pics using the URL below but the URL does not work in Vera (even with correct user/pass) - so far i can not find an URL for streaming that would work with Vera (rpst works but not with vera)


Let me know if you make it work


Thanks for the reply Harry. I won’t buy them if they don’t integrate. Does the problem lie with Vera/zwave or lorex? who needs to cooperate? I’m trying to understand the technical side of it.

The system is Lorex model LHD818F which does not seem to use IP cameras but rather analog ones over BNC cabling. It doesn’t look like even dedicated camera software like Blue Iris and ISpy support this particular DVR model.

Oh i see so the DVR would have to be supported. Is Lorex’s system locked down? Is that why they wont integrate?

I got it working:


lhd-818 (Costco 8 camera analog)