Loop code but only once?

How to create reactor condition with motion sensor running activities only once or twice? step by step.

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Could you explain what you mean by ‘once or twice’? Is there a certain condition where you’d want the activities run once and a different set of conditions where you’d want the activities to run twice? A quick run down of your conditions and activities would be useful here.

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When wife walks in to the kitchen and event is present in google calendar I would like alexia to tel her to check google calendar. I have this done but works every time motion sensor is triggered I can’t get my head around it how to make run once.

what happens right now? Be default a reactor activity will run once and only once unless a setting is changed. In your conditions sections press the little chevron / and see if ‘pulse’ is set it to more than 1.

There may be a better way but using a virtual switch (switchboard app) with off status as a third condition comes to mind. Once the activity is triggered turn on the virtual switch. Have another condition turn the virtual switch off at midnight or next morning before your families day starts.

One other thing to try is to latch the motion sensor condition and have another condition unlatch it at midnight or next morning or perhaps when calendar event is empty. I never actually played around with latching but if I understand it correctly it could be a solution.

Yes that is the a possible way to go about this, I just understood what the OP’s intent is. You can set ‘Latch’ under the chevron for your conditions. What latch basically does is it keeps the conditions ‘true’ until external reset, even if the conditions go false.

You can then create another set of conditions when you’d want the Latch to be reset, whether that be a daily reset or around the hour etc.

Note: More information on the Latch condition option can be found in the docs Condition Options - Reactor

Thank you all for your suggestions I have to play with it :+1: