Looks like Wayne Dalton is getting in the game


rutt roo


MCV better step it up.

I guess MCV’s focus on floor plan UI makes sense if everyone else is going to do it.

There is also another company called Bulogics who is also coming on board with their WaveStation
Z-Wave Controller. The competition is heating up. I believe their launch date is April.


Really? $65?

Yeah $65 is a price worth trying. I don’t know if that’s right. Did they forget a digit or are they selling it as a lost liter and making money on the thermostats and other devices.

agreed- I like the concept of vera very much, but not loving the actual implementation at the moment. It has great promise, but there’s just too much half done for me. Half baked scene logic, half baxed x-10 support, half baked ui’s, etc.

So if the wayne dalton thing really is just 65 I’m certain to buy one if nothing else but to play with it a few days.

I guess MCV's focus on floor plan UI makes sense if everyone else is going to do it.

Yup, I find that a “me 2” approach generally helps in differentiating a product in the Marketplace :wink: (kidding)

and this bit is key:

# Import a floorplan of your home and see the state of all your device

It would be trivially simple to let folks upload an Image and/or Vector of their floor plan and have it render as a backdrop over which things can be placed.

That same thing could be used to put up a Picture of something pretty/serene if you didn’t want to use a Floorplan as a backdrop for a “space”.

I really hope that MCV and co dont spend a ton of time trying to implement a Floorplan designer

laughing- well maybe “me too” isn’t the best idea…

guess we’ll see.

it’s up on their website even, as coming soon:


Based on the support they provided on there Z-wave t’stat they will be a big contender. They have one of the lowest price t’stats but they treated me like I bought a Mercedes. I am an engineer and very difficult to please.

Hmm, interesting. Comes with RS-232 on board. I wonder what devices it will be able to control out of the box…

Shoot, I feel like I just got ripped off! But I’m sure Vera does things that these devices do not do.

$65 is an incorrect price. Last word from Wayne Dalton is Retail will be $299. If you look closer, they copy/pasted the price from the WDHA-12R. From what I can tell, that site is not owned by Wayne Dalton but is a Wayne Dalton dealer.

On another note, the last pricing I saw on the Bulogics box was $599+ retail. It may have changed though.

Yeah $299 is what I heard from the guys at W-D also. I will see if I can get my hands one and play with it!

Hmmmm, no support forums or much other info, I’ll stick with Vera for now.

It’d be funny if this were an OEM of MIOS on a different hardware platform… :slight_smile: