Looking for alarm clock which can trigger a scene when alarm goes off

I am looking for an very simple to use alarm clock which can trigger a scene on my Vera when the alarm goes off. What I want to is to be able to turn on certain things like a soft light etc when the alarm goes off. It must be super simple to operate (not an mobile app or radio clock) since it will live in my guest room. Think so simple that mum and grandmam can set it when visiting.

I don’t expect a z-wave product for this but anything which can do a http request is fine. I’m fully capable for doing some programming to get this working also.

Any tips?

I’ve not got time to look at it but the LaMetric clock may do what you need.


Start with an old fashioned Twin Bell Key wind Alarm Clock, or similar.

Add a door/window sensor, like the Schlage RS100 Door Window Sensor.

Run a contact wire from the sensor to the clock’s hammer and another contact wire from the sensor to one of the bells. The moment the hammer contacts the bell, the door/window sensor will send a tripped Z-Wave signal that can trigger a scene to do what you want.

P.S. Don’t sell mum and grandmam short.

In theory you could try a Sandman Doppler