Looking for a z-wave infrared thermometer to read surface temperature

Does anyone know of a z-wave enabled infrared thermometer which can read the temperature of a surface? I have a room with floor heating where there is no probe or room for a probe into the floor.

In addition to the floor heating there is a secondary heating unit which I already control with a z-wave enabled unit and this one provide the basic heat for the room. What I want is to let this secondary unit heat the room, but have a little bit of heat on in the floor for the feet. Now the heat from the secondary unit is forcing the thermostat on the floor heat to turn off all the time, leaving the floor cold.

Any tips or ideas?

I have not seen one but you could always make one using a cheap non contact IR thermometer like this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MLX90614-Non-Contact-IR-Infrared-Thermometer-Sensor-Module-IIC-for-Arduino-/252093123113?hash=item3ab1ebca29:g:xu4AAOSwFnFV-M1L

This device uses the I2C protocol so you will need a controller such as the ESP8266 WiFi module like this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ESP8266-Remote-Serial-Wireless-Transceiver-WIFI-Module-Esp-12-AP-STA-new-/161686516055?hash=item25a5447157:g:fx8AAOSwEeFVUa8L

The ESP8266 can either run Lua or the Arduino SDK. Then you can build a simple Vera plugin that would parse the information from the ESP8266.

Thanks for the suggested solution. I was hoping to find a one z-wave component which can do this.

Though; I wonder if there are a infrared temperature sensor which could be connected to ex a Qubino Thermostat. If the temperature sensor probe could be just replaced with a infrared sensor it would be nice.

How about just setting a minimum setting for the floor heating based on outside temperature. If it is cold outside you will want some floor heating. The room stat can allow the floor heating to increase but will not turn it off. Maybe use a high set on the room stat that also overrides the minimum setting if the room gets too warm.
The higher the outside temperature the lower the minimum floor temperature down to off.