Looking at purchasing the Vera but have a question

I have a security camera’s setup and have hidden the DVR in the house and as a result of that I’ve bought a Linksys-Cisco wireless bridge to access the DVR while on my home network.

my question is, if I purchase this vera device and connect it to my network will I be able to access my camera’s outside of my house?

will the Vera device see that Linksys-Cisco adapter or does that not even matter since I’m already drawing an IP address and can currently access the camera’s while on my home network and I’ll be able to use Vera outside of the house to gain access to the security cameras?


Short answer is yes, providing that your cameras are network IP type and are accessable via your LAN(wired/wireless). I’m assuming you have internet access via your LAN if so then vera will allow you access to your z-wave network and camera’s via the remote access (MIOS servers). I live in the boonies and did not have fast internet access, I was able to use AT&T wireless data access but they blocked most of my outgoing ports (could not access my LAN and/or IP camera’s), MIOS uses tunneling methods to access your vera controller and allows you access you network cameras, works great.

Awesome! Thank you for the quick response.

looks like I have the right set up for being able to use this…

that makes me very happy!!!

Thanks again.

I believe they also must have a web page that will deliver a JPEG. I have some some Trendnet cameras that are IP, but don’t deliver the required format to Vera.