Logs do not show up in the Log tab

Does anyone know how to review logs for a specific device. i have a motion sensor and I want to see th logs. to my knowledge the only way to do this is to go to the Mios. com page and look at the events. I want to do it directly on the device by clicking on the tool button on the device and clicking the log tab?

I have the exact same question. When I click on the Logs tab for my motion sensor, it’s completely blank. The sensor is working OK though. Can some kind soul please explain how to get event logging working for a motion sensor? Thanks.

What you need to do is to go to the Notifications tab and set up a notification. The users can be left unchecked and you will not get email or SMS, but there will be a notification logged and you can see it in the logs tab or on the Mios events tab.

Thanks for the reply. That makes sense. I added a Notification for “A sensor is tripped” and I have “Arm” selected on the Dashboard. However, I’m still not seeing sensor activations logged, neither in the Logs tab nor in the Events tab on mios.com. I know the sensor is working because I can see the little red running guy on the Dashboard when you walk in front of the unit. Is there a delay before event get posted to the logs or something?

I also have a door sensor and while it also shows up on the Dashboard when triggered, it also doesn’t post to the Logs tab either. Do I need to check off some other box somewhere else perhaps?

Hi, the Logs tab from the device’s option panel is no longer showing any information but we will bring it back in UI5 which will be released very soon. Right now just setup notifications for all kind of events and you will be able to see them on cp.mios.com. If you encounter any issues please submit a trouble ticket and we’ll be there for you.