Logitech Harmony replacements? Ezlo plugin support for universal remotes - Have your say here!


Ezlo management asked me to start a discussion on which Universal Remote controls we might want them to write plugins for?

As you know sadly Logitech Harmony are now end of life, its still unbelievable that Logitech ditched them as they were the best universal remotes on the market in their price point.

Ezlo have stated they will hopefully still be writing a Harmony plugin however, which is very good of them.

What other universal remotes are available on the market that may come close to Harmony?

SofaBaton is one I have heard of but don’t know if they are any good?

Please use this thread to give your suggestions and feedback on any universal remotes you have either seen, heard of or used etc.

Obviously Broadlink RM Pro is another, although they dont do remote control handsets? Just the hubs and app. Ezlo support these already I believe, not tried it myself as I dont have a Broadlink hub.



Maybe not directly on point, but with most newer TV network enabled (embedded WiFi and/or ethernet), do these sets offer the ability to perform all the ir commands via the network interface?

Do the OEMs publish a some sort of control API or CGI user guide for such commands? It might be the native HTML capability of meshbots through a networked TV or Audio Receiver might be able to accomplish many of the i/r functions already over the home network.

Good point raised there also. All my TVs and amps are pretty old though, so I definitely need an IR solution.

But yeah some have ethernet / wlan interfaces and should be controlable via TCP / HTTP I would think.

Thats how more expensive HA systems like Control4 and Crestron tend to control AV equipment.

So presumably the manufacturers must publish details about thier TCP APIs somewhere.

I asked about possible Harmony replacements on a Harmony facebook group also.

The few replies I’ve had so far, they said there wasnt a DIY universal remote as good as the Harmony yet.

YIO was mentioned, dunno if you can actually buy these, I found them on kick starter here.


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SofaBaton X1 also got a mention

I’ll hopefully receive mine by the end of the year or early next year and would really like that to beeing integrated to Ezlo.


Let us know how you like it?

Reading the marketing blurb is sounds like a perfect remote!

Not cheap though “Expected retail price is €449 / $459.”

They could also do with a cheaper model or hub only option for secondary rooms in the house, like bedrooms.

I’ll report :wink:

My Harmony hub is one of the most useful devices (for me and my wife) I’ve ever purchased. I couldn’t understand why they dropped this product. In fact I think they no longer sell any remotes. After thinking about it it seems to me that it may be very costly to support them. I’d imagine it’s a full time job being able to operate every new device entering the market as well as almost every old device out there. Their remotes don’t cost that much. It’s easy to see how sales can’t cover support costs. The MyHarmony site still seems to provide support but I wonder how long that will last. I’m going to stick with my Harmony hub until I’m forced to replace it. I hope by that time there will be something out there that works as well that’s still affordable.

Video showing their remote control UI and configuration UI. Looks pretty good.

Has anyone used a Broadlink RM Pro yet with an Ezlo controller?