Logic Expression in Arguments

I’ve upgrade to 8.15 and I must say I like it - well done!

One issue I’ve come across is that when I try and add a logic express, it won’t allow me to enter anything other than numbers (see image attached). Have I missed a trick?

Any help would be appreciated.

I re-created my home Vera Plus from scratch … excluding/re-including all Z-Wave devices.
Previously I transferred my Z-Wave info from my Vera 3. But the Z-Wave has been very flaky.

As a result I have to re-enter all of my PLEGs.
I noticed the problem earlier today … I must have broke it … it used to work … I will have a fix out shortly …

If you need it sooner send me an email … the file is too big to post.

Hi - thanks for the response. By when to you hope to have another release with this fix?

I have a release that was previously submitted that needs to be accepted first … I already have the fix … But the releases are based on MCV speed …

Hi Richard - any update?

It was done a while ago …

Thank you.