logging of lock activity

I’m a brand new vera user. The first device I bought, besides a plug-in dimmer, was a schlage lock. Setting it up was easy. I have notifications set, so I get sms messages when someone unlocks the door. I don’t necessarily want a message every time the door is unlocked, but I would like to keep a log that I can go back and review. I can’t find a way to do that. From my dashboard, I can click on the lock and bring up configuration settings. There’s a tab for “log”, but the contents of that tab are blank. What am I missing?


MCV removed the event list from the log tab in recent firmwares. I believe you now have to view them on cp.mios.com instead under “events” I have no idea why they wouldn’t have removed the log tab also?!

Hello strangely,

The same problem. I have an Everspring door sensor, and not able to see the log information in the lots tab, even after setting notifications. I would like to see something like describe in the help: http://docs5.mios.com/doc.php?language=1&manual=1&platform=3Lite&page=control_pads_logs
Will be available in the next release? :wink: