Log Watts from Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS Smart Energy Switch ?

Is there a way to use EventWatcher to log the watts changes? thx

When you say “log”, what are you wanting to do with the data?

Have the watts reading report into the eventwatcher log on the devices polling interval.
I use the eventwatcher log for some basic tracking/learning about patterns of my appliances. I pull that data into excel to create simple charts.
I tried to get DataYours running several times but guess it is too much for me to grasp as I could never get it to capture data. And I really only need a simple capture and report method since I don’t need logging to run 24-7.

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Is it actually syslog you want the data to end up in?

One small part of DataYours (DataWatcher) will now capture all power data to syslog. I could add the same functionality to EventWatcher, but I’m away from my development system for a few weeks.

I haven’t used syslog, only the Eventwatcher log.

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OK, then it needs an update to EventWatcher.