Lock and Other Questions

I am considering going with the micasverde vera as my bridge for a Schlage lock and a few other accessories in a vacation home that will be about 3000 miles away. I was planning on using the Schlage lock special on this site, which seems like a good deal. However, it appears that the new Black & Decker (Kwikset and Baldwin) locks will be much better since you can drive the deadbolt remotely without having to have a person on site to turn the deadbolt like on the Schlage. We plan on adding 2 more locks to the vacation home after the Kwikset/Baldwins come out.

Here are my questions:

  1. Will I be able to set the same code for two or three locks on the same house? We will be renting/loaning out the vacation home, and I would like to be able to set the same code for all three locks. Schlage says you can do this on their bridge, but their bridge looks like a nightmare.

  2. Can I get the Schlage deal more than once? We might want to pick up a Vera for our main home.

  3. As far as updating firmware–can we do this remotely? Can I sit in my main home and update the firmware on the Vera sitting 3000 miles away?

  4. Any other concerns with being 3000 miles away from vera? If we get a power outage or blip, will things come back normally when the power comes back on in the vacation home?


Yes to 1-3. Regarding 4, there should be no issues. Vera uses flash memory, like a router. It just comes back like normal if the power is lost.