Location tab

The word “location” might be confusing as a concept to some users since “rooms” and the placement of Z-Wave devices within the home are also a form of “location”. Additionally, does this warrant its own top-level tab?

MOFFTI (My opinion, feel free to ignore)

Agreed, there’s not much there. The problem with burying it on another tab is we were afraid the user might skip it, and it is important. The time won’t be right, so timers/sunset/sunrise/etc. won’t work if the location isn’t set. Do you have an alternative suggestion for a name or place to put it?

Another way to look at these types of situations is what needs to be done “once” (initial setup), rarely, and then more often. What is the task the user is trying to accomplish? In this case I think it’s just getting the device up and running. Maybe having something like “Basic settings” which contains all the items that must be done (potentially as sub-headings, though currently those are a little hard to notice) and usually don’t need to be changed very often.

My guess would be that setting up rooms falls under the “initial” and “rarely” categories. Setting up devices probably in “initial”, “rarely” and “more often”. You’re likely to set up your rooms and devices when you buy Vera, but then as you notice how useful home automation is (and you’ve saved up some money or convinced the wife), you’re likely to expand into more rooms and then later buy more switches/devices for those rooms.