Local WiFi network support

Hi … first of all I would like to say this is an excellent app! I like the local intent support for access from other apps.

I have one request. Currently I can only add one Wifi network as the home Wifi to operate on local mode. I have 3 different Wifi networks in my house operation on different frequencies and different bandwidth/server configurations. Would it be possible to support multiple SSID’s at some point?


Another user has asked about this here:


I have modified the code that should be in the next build that will remove the wireless ssid requirement. The new code will check to see if it can access the vera locally and if it can it will save the access point mac id until the network configuration changes (switch to a different network or access point). I have been testing it for the last few days between mobile network and my home network and it seems to be working well. There is a beta of the next release here:


But not all of the code has been implemented. I will get a new build out in the next day for testing.

  • Garrett

Amazing - That sounds like a great solution! Thanks for the fast response…