Local control of virtual devices is coming soon

Currently on the Ezlo platform we have cloud based Virtual Devices.
Together with Virtual Device Manager which we launched on WEBUI for a cloud Virtual devices
we have the possibility to create, edit, map and control virtual devices.
At the same time we are working on making the virtual devices register locally on the hub and then enable control of them via the local WebSocket, HTTP and Lua APIs.
It will be possible to control them from/with other systems on the LAN sending requests by websocket, http or directly with Lua API from your plugin .
This functionality is coming soon. Our target date - end of June.
Sharing the documentation ahead of the time for anyone interested of local control of virtual devices Please not its pre-alpha.

Virtual_devices_events.pdf (53.9 KB) Virtual_devices_lua_objects.pdf (60.3 KB) Virtual_devices_module.pdf (73.4 KB)


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