Local control of virtual devices is coming soon

Currently on the Ezlo platform we have cloud based Virtual Devices.
Together with Virtual Device Manager which we launched on WEBUI for a cloud Virtual devices
we have the possibility to create, edit, map and control virtual devices.
At the same time we are working on making the virtual devices register locally on the hub and then enable control of them via the local WebSocket, HTTP and Lua APIs.
It will be possible to control them from/with other systems on the LAN sending requests by websocket, http or directly with Lua API from your plugin .
This functionality is coming soon. Our target date - end of June.
Sharing the documentation ahead of the time for anyone interested of local control of virtual devices Please not its pre-alpha.

Virtual_devices_events.pdf (53.9 KB) Virtual_devices_lua_objects.pdf (60.3 KB) Virtual_devices_module.pdf (73.4 KB)


Hi, I installed test_plugin with apitools using thin method with

Virtual devices are not working in local and with Alexa and trying to delete virtual devices with apitool method but it is not working.
How can remove the entire test_plugin with all virtual devices?

Thanks in advance

Don’t know about API delete but can you not just delete any created virtual devices via the Vera mobile app ?

Usually works for me.

How did you create these virtual devices in the first place ? As there are different kinds of “virtual” devices.

If using the “Virtual Container” area of the Ezlo web GUI that might be a different matter.

If you followed my guide on how to create proper virtual devices via the online api tool? Then just deleting them via the mobile app should work.

Hi, I used your guide via the online api tool, and it doesn’t work deleting via api tool or via GUI on vera app.
Then I rebooted the controller via the GUI and now it’s totally KO, it is blinking on yellow light and also with power off/on it is continuing to blinking.

Blinking yellow light usually means it cannot access their cloud servers.

It was orange led with no ethernet connection.
then i did a soft reset and the unit starts with no ethernet on.
I connected it again with wifi and seems online but both leds on ethernet port are off.
Main led is now blinking, from one hour, one for second and the color is magenta.
At the moment I can connect to Mios and there are no devices.
The last automatic backup is on 20th May.
Why I don’t see the last one, not every day backup?
I need an help to have ethernet on again. Is it better to do a factory reset? or I can check something else?
I opened a ticket ECS-973
Thanks in advance

Hi @lord55 ,

We sent you an email in order to further troubleshoot the issue with the controller.

Please check. We’ll remain attentive.

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I did also a factory reset. Now this is the status:

  • No ethernet connection. Led on rj45 are on only at startup then they blink few times and then off.
  • I can access with wifi.
    -All devices are removed and I tried to restore the last backup from mios but It doesn’t go more than 60%.
    -From Mios there are not everyday backup. the last one I see is on the 20th May but I did changes on June too.
    -. Remote Access is active on vera app

From vera app:
App Version:

  • Firmware:
    -Connection status: Locally connected.

when I uninstall the virtual devices, they reappear as soon as I click “scan for hardware changes”. so I cannot delete them.

Hello @lord55
Our support will contact you to get logs from your controller in order to investigate such controller’s behavior.