"Loading" for a while then all Veramate icons disappear for even longer!?!

Veramate has been wonderfully reliable since it was released, but after upgrading from an iPhone 7+ to an 8+ the Loading message appears for a few seconds, then fades out, then all of Veramate’s icons (controls?) fade out, leaving only its wallpaper. It can take 30 seconds or more for the icons to return. I’m using IOS 11.2.1 and Veramate Version, IAP:Premium.

Is this a known issue and has anyone solved it?

Happens to me as well on my new iPhone X

Same here. When it first loads up the wait is very, very long… I wish the app was much quicker to load and respond. I’m often finding now that the app needs to be closed and re-opened because it doesn’t refresh properly – it often shows my devices in the wrong state because it wasn’t refreshed :frowning:

Hi there. Same problem here. Anyone have a solution yet?

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