LIVE - Ezlo Linux FW release for Ezlo Plus, Ezlo Secure controllers

Hello all,

We’ve released a new LIVE update for Ezlo Linux firmware [production-150]

The highlights of this release are:

Device integration - fixes and improvements
Meshbots fixes and improvements
Plugin framework improvements.
Video streaming improvements.
General (Softhub, Geofencing, Child devices, and more)

The new LIVE update for Ezlo Linux firmware [production-150] for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure controllers contains:

Device integration - fixes and improvements.
Infinite loop during zwave reset process
Add the possibility to configure empty pin codes number to stop values requesting
Zooz ZEN30 was configured incorrectly after pairing
Aeotec Smart Switch 7 ZWA023-A Color Panel Issue
[Community] Zooz ZEN25 energy reports causing controllers instability.
Building 36 Intelligent Thermostat not able to change the temperature setpoint
Yale locks are taking too much time to configure
2GIG-DW10-345 Thin door window sensor enables hardwire input
[EzloPlus, EzloSecure] [Z-Wave] Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 (ZWA-012-A02)
[EzloPlus, EzloSecure] [Z-Wave] Zooz Zen16 Multirelay

Meshbots Fixes and improvements
[DateTime Management] Evaluate starting date/time on firmware boot by filesystem modification
[Scenes][Group Operations][Events] compareValues: implement stateless comparison for filtered events
[Scenes][Group Operations][Events] compareStrings: Implement stateless comparison for filtered events
[Scenes][Group Operations] Device Group: create empty group; make persistent groups;
[Scenes][Device Group] Remove deviceId from device lists in the device group if a device is removed
[Scenes][Group Operations][Events] compareNumbers: implement stateless comparison for filtered events
[Scenes][Group Operations] Item Group Entity: list/get
[Scenes][Group Operations] Item Group Entity: delete/deleted broadcasts
[Scenes][Group Operations] Item Group Entity: create/created broadcasts
[Scenes][Group Operations] Device Group: list/get
[Scenes][Group Operations] Device Group entity: update
[Scenes][Date Node] Prevent non-synchronized access to members of SceneManager from isDate events service thread
[Scenes] isSceneState stops reacting to scene events after the target scene was edited
[Scenes][Group Operations][Events] Implement comparison for filtered device events: isDeviceState

Plugin framework improvements.
[TestPlugin] Add CO sensor to device generator
[Plugins][Network] Add socket options: ip-add-membership, ip-drop-membership

Video streaming improvements.
WebRTC streaming is not working if the mobile interface is active

[Core] Child Devices with parentRoom=false aren’t moved to another room along with the parent device
[Security] Setting Entry Delay times in the installer app does not apply the change to the system
[Firmware Update][Packages] Add sync flag for package operations
Networkd crashes on startup in a loop with POpenFailed exception
[Core] Possible to create a child device with any string value in the field “parentDeviceId” and then impossible to delete
[Global Scenes][Connectivity] Local mDNS network discovery with avahi-browse
Add timestamp for hub broadcasts emitted during the period when the cloud connection is unavailable
[Geofencing] Make ezlo_geofencing a default plugin
[Softhub] plugin does not work on the latest softhub


I think Door / Window Contact Sensor also needs adding.


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[Community] Zooz ZEN25 energy reports causing controllers instability. <— still an issue.

Hello @chuckf2 ,

I’ll get logs info from your controller and add them to the report.
What’s the controller behavior?

The issue remains - the mobile app and the device get out of sync.

The fix mentioned above is related to energy reports causing network instability.
In your case, the Double Plug Zooz ZEN 25 is currently unreachable.
How far is the device? Would you mind making sure the device is reachable again? You may need to repair it.

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Is the Geofencing is availlable in that new version?


Hello @civic1990si
Not yet. We plan to release the initial version into beta at the end of April.

@Alvaro_Ochoa , sorry I just saw this request. The ZEN25 is on and in the same room as the hub.

There is a small led light plugged into one outlet.

Just a reminder that the ZEN25 is available for testing.

Don’t you have your own ZEN25?

Hello @Max ,

Any news about geofencing?

Hello @chuckf2

Is this still an issue for your controller? What’s your controller behavior when the ZEN25 is installed/used?

Hello @civic1990si

We’re currently checking the status of Geofencing and will give you an update as soon as possible!

@civic1990si We expect to have Geofencing’s first release around June 19th. However, please note that this is an estimation date and might change

Hello @slapfrost ,

Thanks for the quick response.

Unfortunately yes. I’m running v2.0.38.2193.2. At first it was working great but it didnt take long to confuse it (get out of sync). Eventually the ZEN25 hung! One port was on and I couldnt turn it off, not even manually. I had to unplug it to get it working again.

Sorry for the bad news. The device is plugged in if you want to remotely test with it.

Hello Chuck!

How long did it take for the ZEN25 to get out of sync after connecting it? Could you please test out the ZEN25 without connecting it to the controller and let me know if it eventually stops working without having it connected to the controller? Only using the power source. If it ultimately stops working even for a manual operation without a hub connected to it, it might indicate hardware issues on the ZEN25 rather than hub issues.

I can confirm that the switch is not working as intended but would like to rule out any other issues not hub related.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sorry for the delayed response.

I have given up on the ZEN25 after determining it was causing interference with my Ring security system.