LIVE - Ezlo Linux FW release for Ezlo Plus, Ezlo Secure controllers

We’ve released a new LIVE update for Ezlo Linux firmware

The highlights of this release are:

  • improvements and fixes of Plugin Framework
  • improvements and bugfixes of Ezlogic
  • other fixes and improvements (SoftHub, system, connection)

The new LIVE update for Ezlo Linux firmware for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure controllers contains:

[Plugin] Unable to use HUB:plugin_name script path for startup and teardown scripts
[Plugin][Custom] Typo in error message displayed when installing a plugin with errors in interface.json
[Plugin][Custom] The teardown script is not found when uninstalling the plugin
[Plugin][Custom] Expose custom plugin installation error information to UI
[Plugin][Custom] Validate gateway script paths
[Plugin][Custom] Expose custom plugin validation error detailed information to UI

[Scenes][Date Node] Migration: fix isDate blocks with ill-formed time array
[Scenes][Date Node] Invalid formula for evaluating a number of a week in a year
[Scenes][Date Node] isDate: add range counterparts for weekly, and monthly events
[Scenes][Variables][Actions] Two sendHTTPRequest action use the same global variable to save data
[Scenes][Event flow] Modify event flow: separate event handling, comparison, and operator/scene state application

[SoftHub] ha-bluetoothd is crashed and restarted continuously
[SoftHub] add lsof to docker image
[SoftHub][AI][CCTV] Explore adding cameras to a virtual hub and using them from Vidoo app

[Common][HTTP] http client sometimes ignores tasks added to the download queue
[Common][HTTP] http module closeConnection method race conditions cause crashes

[System issue] Restart services with an exception(St13runtime_error): Can not connect to spread


I just rebooted my Ezlo Plus but it didn’t upgrade. Is there some sort of gradual roll out to these firmware releases? Or is there a special command to force an upgrade? I suppose I can just wait but wonder if I can do something.

I just checked and my main Ezlo Plus controller has updated itself to this version.

However my spare Ezlo Plus controller has also updated to this version.


BUT… I previously turned off the Updates for this controller in the UI. So why did it update ???


“This hub is on the beta testers list. We force FW updates for hubs in this list.”

So your hub should not update if its not enrolled for beta updates.

Hi @curiousB
Yes, we have a gradual rollout for new live firmware releases. It takes up to 24 hrs to upgrade all controllers.

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Well its Sept 26 and my Ezlo Plus still hasn’t upgraded to I am still at the prior release.

That’s now five days since the release. My controller reboots daily via a script at 3:30AM and I’ve initiated a few manual reboots as well just to see if that would trigger an upgrade. Alas, no.

Not a problem for me but might suggest some issue in the way the downloads/upgrades are trickled out.

Update is enabled on the Controller/Hub Settings tab via

Hi @curiousB ,

It looks like your controller was flagged manually during a troubleshooting process you had with our support team, therefore, it didn’t take the new firmware.
I just set the controller for it to receive the upgrade upon reboot.



That did it. It upgraded sometime in the last day. Now at

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Thanks for confirming!