LIVE - Ezlo Linux FW release for Ezlo Plus, Ezlo Secure controllers

We’ve released a new live update for Ezlo Linux firmware [production-141]
The highlights of this release are

  • improvements and fixes for Meshbot in Ezlogic (Scenes)
  • improvements and bugfixes for interaction with Z-wave devices
  • other fixes and improvements (system, cameras, connection)

The new live update for Ezlo Linux firmware for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure controllers contains:

[Scenes][Actions] sendHttpRequest/saveResult action corrupts response saved to a viariable
[Scenes][Actions in Lua] Error handling for setExpression, setVariable
[Scenes] The scenes manager service crashes in a loop in initialization phase: turn off recursive check
[Scenes][Conditions] Modify when block for all item-based events to use (item value, [typed] expression value) as left part of the comparison
[Scenes][Actions in Lua] Implement lua action for setSceneState
[Scenes][Conditions] Fix getting status for the operator NOT
[Scenes][Actions in Lua] Implement lua actions for setExpression, setVariable
[Scenes][Actions in Lua] Implement binding for resetLatch, resetSceneLatches actions
[Scenes][Actions] Implement action block for toggle boolean items
[Scenes][Actions][Exceptions] Use the Global Variable shortcut as an exception for action
[Scenes][Actions][Exceptions] Expose access to block state in scene execution
[Scenes] AND operator: allow to create of an AND operator instance with multiple isDate with different conditions
[Scenes][Conditions] Modify when block for compareNumbers to use (item value, [typed] expression value) as left part of the comparison

Z-wave devices fixes and improvements:
[ZWave] Improve time synchronization for Yale door locks
[ZWave] Add device setting to control Wake Up Interval for battery devices
[ZWave] Cannot reset the z-wave network if there are connected devices

Other fixes and improvements:
[ui] ha-uid gets into a crash loop (Segmentation Fault) if DNS name lookup service is broken on a controller
[PluginsAPI] Add the ability to list rooms in Lua
[WebRTC][VC1203][VC703] Local streaming is not working after adding the camera to the hub
Error when trying to change setpoints on thermostats using Alexa
[WiFi] Cannot connect to the wifi network after FW update. “invalid channel” error occurs