LIVE - Ezlo Linux firmware release [production-166] for Ezlo Plus, Ezlo Secure controllers

Hello all,

We released a new LIVE Ezlo Linux firmware [production-166] on Jan 16, 2023.
The new update for Ezlo Linux firmware [production-166] for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure controllers contains (compared to [production-155]):

Device integration - new integrations, fixes, and improvements
[2GIG] Fix the representation of the smoke sensor
[Zigbee] Infinite loop on Zigbee library initialization
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5800CO Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5800SSI Wireless Shock Glass-break Sensor
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5800SMOKEEV Smoke Detector
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate FG-1625 Flush Mount Glassbreak Detector
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5821 Wireless Temperature Sensor and Flood Detector
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5800SS1 Wireless Shock Sensor
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5816 Wireless Door Sensor and Window Sensor
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5820L Wireless Slim Line Door Sensor and Window Sensor
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5818MNL Wireless Mini Recessed Door Sensor and Window Sensor
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5808W3 Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5853 Wireless Glass Break Detector
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5800COMBO Smoke, Heat and CO Detector
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5800PIR-RES Wireless Pet Immune Motion Detector
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5800 MINI Wireless D/W sensor
Multichannel devices. Command Set Value is ignored for a short time ( 5 -7 seconds) after a previous try.
Software restriction not activating pincode at the correct time
Cannot set pin code restrictions for door locks
Stelpro Maestro SMT402 integration issue
Stelpro STZB402+ baseboard heater thermostat issue
Ecolink WST-802 is not displayed on Vera App
Integrate Roller Shade device
[Community] Fibaro FGD-212 scene control function not visible in Meshbot
Philio Leak Sensor (PAT02-2C) Integration Issues
Unable to pair Xiaomi Aqara DJT11LM Vibration Sensor
Integrate Z-wave 300 locks to use software restrictions
[ZWave] [Associations] Association delete fails randomly
[ZWave] [Weiser] All pin codes become invisible
[ZWave] Integrate Neo Coolcam NAS-ABO2ZU Siren
[ZWave] [Zooz Zen30 Double Switch] Unable to control the second switch in Ezlo
[ZWave] Service stops because of flooding - integrate Fibaro Smart Implant
[ZWave] Zooz Zen16 Multirelay

System stability - fixes and improvements
Z-Wave service crashed after a flood from an unknown node
ZWave Service Restart When the Chip Became Unresponsive
[LTE] Improve LTE connection time for T-Mobile and Hologram SIMs
[LTE] AT&T 4G SIMs register in a network faster
[Cameras] More stable work with cameras connected to a hub
[Wifi] Ezlo Plus WiFi connectivity improvements
[Network] Add additional public DNS servers
[Siren] E550 Controller Siren: add default timeout for playback duration
[WiFi] Make intervals between repeatable attempts to scan WiFi networks
[Update Reliability][Filesystem Integrity] Implement an update for the bootloader to enable hub recovery from the USB
[DateTime Management][NTP] Local time is never updated after the firmware start
[network] wi-fi connection cannot be re-established. Failed to scan LAN (Network Utilities locked in uninterruptible sleep state)
[Plugins][Network] Add socket options: ip-add-membership, ip-drop-membership, TTL
[Connectivity] Hub disconnecting from the cloud on eth0 interface
[LTE][Wi-Fi] Change the interval of the AT commands to increase stability
[LTE] Improve LTE connection time for T-Mobile and Hologram SIMs
[WiFi onboarding] Make a queue for wifi scanner calls to avoid parallel execution
[Ezlogic] Issues deleting LUA scripts that have been referenced in a Meshbot rule
[Network] Add additional public DNS servers
[Lua API][Network] Support multicast for Lua asynchronous sockets

isSunState: sunrise and sunset doesn’t work properly
[EZLogic. Local MeshBot][Anonymous Plugins] hub.scenes.edit: Failed to acquire anonymous plugin
[Plugins][HTTP] Http request skip_security option: skip host domain verification security checks
[Anonymous Plugin] “Failed to acquire anonymous plugin!” while creating a scene
[MQTT Gateway] Support backup create operation
Unable to add “setSceneState” scene block
[Actions] sendHttpRequest: unable to get a valid response from external API
[Actions] sendHttpRequest: suppress Expect header for PUT/POST requests by default
[Date Node] isDate: daily, weekly, monthly events to plan event time in UTC
[Date Node] isDateRange to plan event time in UTC
[Date Node] isInterval to plan event time in UTC
[Date Node] isOnce to plan event time in UTC
The scene with compareNumberRange for the device group does not run.
isSunState: Fix sunset/sunrise calculation during the day of DST change
[EZLogic. Local MeshBot] Creation of more than one trigger with device group and item group is not supported - controller errors.
[Stop Meshbot][Triggers] isSceneState: integrate new status “stopped”
Database overflow blocks scene execution
Implement action block for the hub backup run

[Cameras] camera_test, ha-camerasd memory leak due to accumulated delay fix routine
Streaming is not working until ha-camerasd service is restarted
[VC703][VC1203] No more broadcasts from camera motion sensor/sound sensor
[Vidoo] Do not recreate a camera device when the device is renamed


Where can I download the firmware?

Your Ezlo controllers serial number has to be enrolled in the beta testing program and then usually your controller will just auto update or update after a reboot. These are beta firmware announcements.

Eventually this firmware will become public production firmware. Not sure how far behind the production firmware is behind the beta ones though ?

Someone from Ezlo support would need to speak to you about enrolment.

Hello @danmiles
Your hub will be updated automatically. This live release is being distributed to all Ezlo controllers users.
You can initiate firmware update by power cycling your controller.

This is a live release. This version we released to beta on Dec 28, 2023. The latest beta was released yesterday, Jan 17th.