Little bit stuck...

Occasionally, I go perusing the beta firmware (ok, I frequently peruse the beta firmware), and this time I downloaded and installed 1.1.1327. That was a mistake… Now I can’t upgrade or downgrade:

Was poking around in the box and noticed the following problem when running a couple of the scripts:

/usr/lib/cmh/ line 590: syntax error: unexpected "(" (expecting "}")

So the question is, how do I upgrade/downgrade? Will a restore work?



The obvious reminder, warning and lesson:
[size=12pt]Please do not download unannounced beta firmware.[/size]

Ookie Dokie… as was highlighted in other posting elsewhere, Communications of some sort would be nice for the user community to understand what near term release plans MCV is planning to roll-out, not looking for a day but month time-frame would be acceptable. Also UI5 when? I’m assuming that the beta firmware releases are in support of or is UI5 core coding different with new bugs/problems to follow? Mike

@oTi - I understand that that is the position of MicasaVerde.

However that is somewhat at odds with their activities by the simple fact that FW “sanctioned for testing by the masses” (i.e. a “public beta” and FW with limited expected exposure (private beta) are accessible from the very same location. Having spent the previous 11 years working for a few different SW engineering organizations (and not being blind) I know for a fact there are several ways to ensure the two never cross path in the distribution channel of choice (everything from randomized/hashed file names or URLs to access privileges).

Considering the number of issues we’ve had up through time (been a Vera customer for a few years now) with the FW being in various states of “ready” when being “released to the hounds”, the degree of self-support (which I don’t mind, generally) and so forth, I do not believe “Don’t do it” is going to work as people who’re having issues will install (almost) anything that appears at the beta location, within a reasonably short amount of time of it appearing. That is, until MCV deploys something to clearly limit/prohibit access