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Not sure this is the right forum, so apologies if not.

Two days ago I upgraded my ageing and flaky Lite to a spangly new Plus using the instructions here:

That looks easy I thought. Hmmm

Not exactly a smooth transition. Fortunately I seem to have managed to make sure that the heating still works and the lights can be turned on and off. This is quite important as I am off to the US for a business trip tomorrow and my wife would have been ‘displeased’ had she not been able to use the heating :slight_smile:

Anyway my issues are thus:

  1. I have two ZRC-90s. They were both working fine pre upgrade. Post upgrade I was unable to add any new scenes to the buttons to trigger. Either by creating a new scene with the SRC-90 button as a trigger, or by creating a manual scene and then adding the function in the ZRC-90. Trying to trigger one of the new scenes had the LED flash twice as expected but nothing else happening or anything written to the log. I have Excluded and Re-paired one of the ZRC-90s many times. While the Vera claims it’s there, lets me add scenes, when I press the button, I get 6 rapid flashes indicating invalid scene, and nothing else happens, or is written to the log.

  2. If I unplug / switch of / hurl out of the window my Vera Lite, just about everything stops working. I’ve tried a Z-wave heal on the Plus using AltUI. Makes no difference at all. Without the Lite being on, the Plus claims it can’t see devices 8 feet away. The Lite has devices on it that no longer exist and refuses to delete them.

Asking for any advice firstly to get my other ZRC-90 working and / or being able to add scenes to the ‘new’ one, and then how do I get rid of my Lite?

I’m going to guess that restore everything to factory and start again is the solution, but not being able to add my ZRC-90 plus the amount of time it’s going to take currently has that option at the bottom of the list…

Thanks in advance for any insight!


Hi Catman,

As I stated before on similar situations, although migration is possible, it’s not the preferred option if you want stability in your system and maximum compatibility.

ZRC-90 is one of the devices that will not work at all after migration.The reason for this is that when migrating, Vera changes it’s node ID to something different than 1, and this remote will only communicate with gateway if it has node Id 1.

Thanks, John. It might well be worth adding that to the instructions instead of expecting people to dig through the forums on the odd chance that one might find something of use.

I guess wiping everything from my Plus will solve the issues with my Lite being required as well?

Next question, I guess: Why does my ZRC-90 that I’ve un-paired, restored and paired not work? Any ideas?

Firmware is 1.7.2608



Migration is perfectly suitable with smaller scale setups but issues with occur in some cases. The process you are doing is not flawed but rather limited by the Z-wave topology and mechanics.

If you’ve not yet reset your z-wave network and Vera still has Node ID different than 1, that’s why ZRC-90 doesn’t work.

I would say this is a limitation of the remote, rather than a problem with Vera. Other devices do not have this issue with migrated setup.

Thanks, John. I didn’t mean to imply the process was flawed, but I think ‘incomplete’ would be a reasonable description.

Is it possible to back up (and restore) the z-wave network, or am I going to have to un-pair and re-add everything when I get home and do the reset? I’m guessing the normal backup / restore won’t work since that’s pretty much what the upgrade process is?



Hi Catman, don’t worry. No harm done. If it something that we discover wrong with Vera we will surely have this looked up.

Now, I would love to give you a better news but I’m afraid resetting z-wave network, so your new Vera defaults to home node id 1, is the only option to have the ZRC-90 remote working with your setup.

If it makes things better, you only have to reset the z-wave network, don’t wipe out the entire system. So if you depend on plugins and other plugin generated devices, they won’t be affected.

Thanks John

So help me out: I’m trying to work out what I need to do to get back to a stable system :slight_smile:

Is it just ‘Reset the Z-wave Network’ on the Plus, turn the Lite off and all is rosy, or do I need to do something else.

Thanks for your help


Your old Vera, can be used to later on if your setup grows larger, to offload devices on it as well, and use them both in a bridged environment. But for the moment, if you wish, you can just turn it off.

On the VeraPlus side, just go to Settings->Z-wave settings->Advanced->Reset Z-wave Network, and press go. Wait for confirmation, then on the same page, press Go as well, on [font=OpenSansLight][size=14px]Reset Z-Wave chip. Wait for the blue bar up top to indicate a finished job and disappear, then press on [/size][/font][font=OpenSansLight][/size][size=14px]Reload Engine, on the same page.[/size][/font]
[font=OpenSansLight][/size][size=14px]And that’s it. You can start excluding and re-including devices. And you will notice your ZRC-90 would work, now since the z-wave is reset.[/size][/font]

Groovy. So I still need to exclude / re-include everything?