Linux Time versus "human readable time"

Hi Community.
May be, this is a question i should ask directly to the Vera programmer?
I’m unhappy with the format of date/time in Vera UI5. :cry:
For sure, i can calculate the real time out from the infos in UI5 “time_created = 1348143533”
But it’s not realy userfriendly.
What do we have to do, or what can i do that Vera UI5 calculates this number and display it as real Date / Time?
Thanks for ideas.
Regards, Paul

The format displayed is the Unix time stamp. There is no option to configure the display format. This matter has been discussed many times in these forums for a long time with no action taken.

Two newer versions of the Vera UI are being rolled out and this may be addressed within them, but don’t hold your breath.

(It’s on the “Advanced” tab, it’s not supposed to be user-friendly.)

Most people don’t think about how complicated time measurement is, so let me expand on that. Human times aren’t programmer-friendly either. They are in an anachronistic base-60-and-24 format; there are weird rules that make “12:59” < “1:00”; two people on opposite sides of a border might call now by two values an hour (or worse, 30 minutes) apart; there are up to two discontinuities each year which make some times nonexistent and some times exist twice; governments can and do change time zones with almost no warning. Epoch time (as that integer you’re talking about is called) has none of those drawbacks. And while you can unambiguously convert epoch time to your local time, you can’t do the inverse because of daylight saving.

It’s not just programmers who like epoch time. Astronomers invented the Julian Date long before computers, for much the same reasons.

Converters are easy to find online, and Lua has functions for converting dates from epoch time to human-readable time.

Epoch time makes it so much easier to use for a programmer. It is used from everything in software, hardware and so on. It may seem cryptic, but as Futzle mentioned you can easily convert it as there are many convertors and libraries in every language to do this.

  • Garrett

… and if you’re using Chrome, there’s an extension called Utime that allows converting Unix time to human readable time and vice versa by right clicking on the value.

…and if you use some of the Vera compatible mobile apps (For example I use HomeWave) you can design your own UI and decide to show any Vera date/time values in a human readable format.