Linking two vera's over the network


I live in an apartment and have two vera 3’s (1 Lite, 1 Full) currently configured as separate z-wave networks, talking to one another over LAN cabling. I have two separate ones as one is located upstairs in my flat, the other in my garage. So my question is:

  1. Is it possible to use a single controller on two networks?
  2. Can I join them all to the same z-wave network and then use a single controller? How will the z-wave network devices handle not being able to talk via z-wave to each other?


Pete, the way you are meant to do what you want is to bridge the two Veras. Plenty of talk about it has already happened of the forum. Look for any topic that uses the word “bridge”.

Z-Wave devices can belong to only one Z-Wave network at a time. This applies to Vera too. If your set of Z-Wave devices is too sparse for the Z-Wave mesh to work then you will have to keep them as two separate networks. (And if you can do it all on the one Z-Wave network then you don’t need two Veras.)