Linking Iphone/Siri to control Vera?

Can anybody confirm if the CT-100 thermostat will work with Siri Proxy.
Uncommented the 3 lines in the config.yml file for the thermostat plugin. since the CT-100 is not ip enabled I set the ip address to the vera box. Ran siriproxy bundle and update. If ask for the thermostae status it just tells me it is off. Running command bundle show I see "siriproxy-thermostat 0.0.1 badb55d. Any ideas on the badb55d

[quote=“Gjones, post:35, topic:169387”]Hi

I’ve listed my commands for turning a device off, setting the DIM level and reporting the thermostat temperature. To return the status i used HTTParty. I didn’t get time to work out how to load the HTTParty gem seperately so just enabled the default thermostat plugin in the /.siriproxy/config.yml file which installed it for me

#Turn Device off
listen_for /Living room light off/i do

#Set Dim Level
listen_for /Living room light ([0-9,]*[0-9])%/i do |dimlevel|
say “Set Living room light to: #{dimlevel} percent.”

listen_for /Hall temperature/i do
halltemp = HTTParty.get(“”)

    say "Hall temperature #{halltemp} degrees."


So I have been working on this project for a little while now and I finally have SiriProxy running on the Raspberry Pi. I am having problems with getting it to control my devices. I hope someone can assist me:

As an example I am trying to get SiriProxy to lock/unlock my Kwikset Deadbolt. Here is the code I have entered into the SiriProxy-example.rb file:

#Unlock Foyer Deadbolt
  listen_for /Unlock Deadbolt/i do
  request_completed #always complete your request! Otherwise the phone will "spin" at the user!

I get the following response from SiriProxy when I issue the Unlock Deadbolt command:

Plugin Crashed: No such file or directory -

I can enter that http string into a browser and the Deadbolt does unlock. Any ideas?

**EDIT. Disregard I figured it out.

I was missing the require ‘open-uri’ at the beginning of the example file.

I want to use the example dim control code and use it for setting a thermostat. What variable is available other than “%” in the line

#Set Dim Level
listen_for /Living room light ([0-9,]*[0-9])%/i do |dimlevel|

Tried putting in a word instead of % and it did not like it

I hope you find this video helpful

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