Linking Iphone/Siri to control Vera?

I was thinking it would be fun to use Iphone/Siri voice-control to control my Vera. However, the API to Siri is limited to the built in functionalities.

Anybody have ideas of how to enable this?

Idea 1: “Send message to Vera, turn on master lights”
Create some type of auto-reponder, that will respond to text messages and invoke a Vera command.

This is kind of round-about. any more clever ideas? If Idea 1 is the best option, are there are any existing projects to enable this?

thanks in advance

You could possibly make a bookmark to a HTTP API request, and then tell siri to go to that bookmark (if that works).,8334.msg53085.html

Rumor is that later versions of Siri will enable 3rd party apps to use the interface, so SQ Remote + Siri could be awesome.

Thanks for the link redlinkie

I just configured a new contact and called in Master. In the URL-Home, I entered the url for toggling light on/off

Now, I can hold down the Siri button and say “master”. It will pull up the master contact. I still have to “touch/click” the url and then my lights turn on/off.

Still not perfect, but progress and better than multiple clicks to open up ivera2 -> lights -> On/Off.

Looking forward to apple opening up siri API. Then it would be really powerful.

Apple opening up is like a contradiction in terms!!! LOL

  • Garrett

[quote=“garrettwp, post:6, topic:169387”]

  • Garrett[/quote]I was just coming here to post news about this. Here’s another source.

Ok now thats pretty Bitchin!!! The big issue I see is its a crack so wide spread use is not there.

Thanks for the link. Pretty cool. Folks have gotten siri-proxy to do all sorts of cool home automation.

I’m going to try this when I have time. Let me know if anybody else is trying this and would be happy to collaborate.

I installed siriproxy and had it call the http GET commands in the Vera.
I have it controlling my lights right now.

It was pretty easy to get going.

[quote=“Richard, post:10, topic:169387”]I installed siriproxy and had it call the http GET commands in the Vera.
I have it controlling my lights right now.

It was pretty easy to get going.[/quote]Video Video Video :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure my video will look like any of the other siriproxy videos, but in case people are interested, here is the video.

Siri controlling my vera2:


I only show it controlling devices in the video, but I have it controlling scenes too.

FWIW, I think this is a killer app for home automation. I always have my phone in my pocket, and having a highly accurate voice recognition system always available in my house is great.

@Richard, you should maybe post a bit of a howto for setup, it looks really good!

I guess I’ll have to set this up when I get my 4S in January :slight_smile:

If I get my siriproxy plugin code to a place where it is a little more generic (than what I currently have) I’ll put it up on git if anyone else wants it.

Thats very cool, thanks for posting that Richard. I was reading through the stuff the other day, and it looks fairly simple to setup. I’m glad that someone’s blazing the trail with this stuff.

Can’t wait until the “away from home” version of it is viable/simple (and secure) as well.

I, for one, would love to see it and play with it. Even if it’s not that generic!

–Richard (M)

I can’t wait to try this out… I’m still using a 3G until I’m eligible for an upgrade in April… :frowning:

If someone would like to get SiriProxy operating on Vera itself, that would be progress.

I doubt that there’s enough space or compute power for all of the libraries that SiriProxy seems to be using on a V3, let alone a V2. And then there’s Ruby, and Gem, etc. I have SiriProxy running in an Ubuntu 11.10 VM on my MacPro, and
I was literally installing packages for an hour before I could even get started.


For the very keen, here’s the quickest (and dirtiest) way of doing it:

Install SiriProxy as per the various webpages, and make sure the machine on which it runs has reachability to your Vera.

Edit ~/SiriProxy/plugins/siriproxy-example/lib/siriproxy-example.rb and add at the top

require 'open-uri'

and then somewhere in the body (should be obvious where):

[code]listen_for /Lights On/i do
say “Let there be light”

listen_for /Lights Off/i do
say “Darkness was over the surface of the deep.”

where is the IP address of your Vera and YYY and ZZZ are the two scenes you want to run.

Obviously there are many better and more extensible ways of doing this, but if your only object is to impress your other half, this will do the trick in the minimum of time.

In respect of running SiriProxy on Vera - Pete Lamonica’s code is the proof-of-concept that follows the proof-of-concept. I’m sure something could be written that’s more appropriate to the Vera platform, not using Ruby.

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