Linear WO15Z-1 LED

According to the documentation I can change the behavior of the LED by changing parameter 3 from 0 to 1. How do I do this on the vera?

Which UI version are you using?

I’ll assume that you are running UI7.
Select the W015Z-1 device. Click the greater than symbol to the right of the device. Select Device Options → Add Configuration Settings.

Variable Desired value
3 byte hex 1

Z-Waver, thanks. I tried this, i.e. under “Device Options” I added a configuration setting with “Variable = 3”, Data Size = 1 byte hex and Desired Value = 1. Looking at it, the Current Value is 1 so it seem it did take over the value. However, the behavior of the LED did not change. Interestingly, when I try to change the “Desired Value” to 0 it doesn’t take it. Am I at the wrong place?

I don’t think you are in the wrong place, though I am unable to see it.

Until the current value changes, your settings have not been applied to the switch. Did you try using the “Configure node right now” option, after changing the parameter?

I have tried this many times, resetting the vera, deleting the variable several times and recreating it again, etc. However, I can’t get this to work. The description says:

Set this parameter to 0 to have the blue indicator LED show state of controlled outlet (indicator ON = outlet ON).
Set this parameter to 1 to have indicator show the opposite state of controlled outlet (indicator ON = outlet OFF).
Configuration Paramter No 3.
Length: 1 Byte
Valid Values: 0 or 1 (Default: 0)

Whatever I am doing, the LED is on when the outlet is off. When I look at the status in vera it shows the variable as 1. So this matches the behavior of the outlet. The problem is that I can’t change it to 0. Even if I delete the variable and recreate it with the value set to 0 it always shows the actual value as 1. I am not sure why that is, even more so because the default value supposedly is 0.

On another note, both the online manual and the manual supplied with the outlet mention a blue LED. However, the LED is green (which is actually why I would like to use this outlet as the blue LED of my other outlet is too bright).

In another post, you state that you are using Internet Explorer 11. Please try setting the variable with another browser, preferably Mozilla or Chrome and see if it makes a difference.

It is also possible that your receptacle is defective, but I think the probability is low.

I tried Chrome but got exactly the same result as with IE. Also when I click on “Save Changes” after changing the “Desired Value” I almost never get the popup saying that the changes were saved. I only now about this popup because it appeared maybe 3 times during the many dozens of trials I did. So I ended up going into Advanced->Variables and made the change directly by setting VariablesSet (“3,1h,0” 3=variable number, 1h = 1 hex byte, 0 = desired value). When going back to the variables I could see the change of the desired value. However, the actual value still did not change, even after waiting 2-3 minutes.

What helped at the end is going to “Setting” and then switch “Automatically configure” to Yes and then back to “Use default behavior”. Doing this seemed to trigger an update of the z-wave devices. Z-wave mentioned before clicking on “Configure node right now” but there was no such option (I do remember having seen that somewhere else before, though). In any case, the above seemed to have the same effect.

So, you had turned off Vera’s ability to configure the switch and the switch was never being configured(programmed) with the settings. I thought you said that you had tried “Configure node right now” several times. I guess I misunderstood.

The “Configure node right now” button is on the device’s Settings tab.

You said that I “had turned off Vera’s ability to configure the switch”. Are you saying this because I changed the “Automatically configure” setting? If so then maybe I need to better understand this setting. For the switch this setting was set to “Use default behavior”. All other devices also are set to “Use default behavior”. Now under Settings → Z-wave Settings I see the following items checked:

By default Vera should automatically configure devices
Use Z-Wave version 3.20 instead of 2.78
Use Vera routing instead of Z-Wave (requires 4.5)

So if the “Automatically configure” is set to “Use default behavior” then based on the above settings should very automatically configure the switch? Just trying to understand that “Automatically configure” setting.

Your previous post indicates that you had automatic configuration disabled and that when you enabled it again, the configuration was applied.

These are the default settings.
[i]By default Vera should automatically configure devices
Use Z-Wave version 3.20 instead of 2.78
Use Vera routing instead of Z-Wave (requires 4.5

Use default behavior[/i]

These settings cause Vera to automatically configure the device when you make configuration changes or when Vera performs a network heal.

It looks like there was a misunderstanding. I did not disable automatic configuration. Instead, I changed the setting from “Use default behavior” to “Yes” and back to “Use default behavior”. It was never set to “No” and I had all the three default settings that you and I listed checked/enabled. Anyways, it is working now. If I ever run into the same issue again I will toggle that automatic configuration setting.