Linear WAPIRZ-1 Delay

I have several Linear WAPIRZ-1 motion detectors and I am having a problem with the Vera Edge controller. When the sensor trips, it states “device changed” in the alerts but it takes almost four minutes before it triggers my scene , which is set to turn on a light. Both detectors do the same thing. When they do trigger, I get a burglary notice. I have attached the screen shot.

Is there any way to make it instant or at least cut down the delay period? I have it set with no delay. It is supposed to be instant.

It could have to do with distance or Z-Wave routing… Maybe try running a heal and see if that helps.

The distance is no issue what-so-ever as it is very close to the controller. I am getting immediate alerts but it does not execute a scene for about 3m 46s. Again, if one looks at the embedded alert notification above you will clearly see that it is seeing the activity but it takes 3 plus min to execute a scene. Any other thoughts.

I am disappointed that I have not gotten any responses. It would appear that the delay in running a scene is caused by the Vera Edge and should be able to be controlled in the configuration area. Specifically, under the device options section I have used 1 for the variable, data size is monitor only and current value is 0. These settings seem to cut down the scene reation time to about 1 minute which is still way too long. There must be a way to get it to run a scene immediately? Does anyone have an idea?

This is the same problem I have with a Aeon PIR Multi Sensor, again with Vera Edge.

The sensor is very close to Vera.

I can see in the “User and Account Info/Alerts” page, the PIR has a type of “Device Changed State”.

And only sometimes, does it then go on to trigger the scene but when it does it is a few minutes later.

I have another Fibaro PIR sensor which is fine.

It’s not just about the physical distance between the device and Vera but instead the Z-Wave routing. Switches and other Z-Wave devices repeat the signal and Z-Wave communications are sent from one device to the next and when you set a new device up, the routing may be setup in the order the devices are added instead of how close they are to eachother and or how close the devices are to Vera. Because of that, there may be excessive latency with certain devices. At least this is the way I understand it. To help with this, there is the Heal option which will update the Z-Wave routing tables which might just resolve the latency issues you are seeing.

If you are really concened then open a support ticket. Before doing so, set your vera to Remote Enable so they can log in and check it out. Once you enable Remote, it will provide you with a series of numbers and letters. Copy the entire script including the SSH info and email it to support. They will log in and check it out but I would suggest running the heal before contact them for the reasons I mentioned above. Be sure to let them know what device number you are talking about and the device name.