Linear GD00Z-4 opener variable/fix to shorten 'button press' time?

Help. I have a Chamberlin commercial door opener with the ‘single button’ kit installed. When I short the two wires together for a short time, the garage door opener works perfectly. I installed the GD00Z-4, and it will open the door fine, but when I try to close the door, it starts the close, and then after about 1 second, shudders, and stops. I’m pretty sure the Linear opener is ‘holding’ the button press too long. If I short the opener button manually, and keep the contacts shorted, it behaves this way.

SO, here’s the question: Is there a variable which defines the length of time that the GD00Z ‘holds’ the simulated button press?

I’ll start scouring the forums to see my question is already answered… A brief search found nothing.


Well, i am interested from another angle. I just had to replace my opener with a chamberlain and now i am not able to use the setup i had before with the relay and zwave switch plugged into an outlet. this would previously act as a garage door button and i could manage the door from vera. now it does absolutely nothing. Could you tell me a little more about the ‘single button kit’, was it different from the button that comes with it, and is there any hope for me? i think the model started with wd832. thanks

Buy one of these

Wire it between the GD00Z and the opener by removing the 2 screws holding in the board and soldering the wires from the GD00Z to the button. The contacts you need are the ones that are shorted when be button is pressed.

And you will be golden.

If it is similar to this 882, you don’t need to buy anything. Just solder the wires to your existing wall button.
Our How to explains it.