Line-In Useage


I read that the Line-In from a sonos unit can be played on another sonos unit while the main unit is playing something totally different.

Sonos 1 (Playing Pandora) and (Line-In from Aux Source)
Sonos 2 (Playing Sonos 1’s Line-In)

That is pretty cool, and makes the plans I have for paging much more efficient.

The question is;
How do I specify to play the “Line-In” from the sonos with this Plugin?

Thank you,

If in the Player tab, you see a field named audio inputs, you can simply use the action PlayURI with parameter AI:xxxxx (xxxxxx being what is called Line-In source name in the Sonos control app) in your scene as described in the following post:,8505.msg93140.html#msg93140

If not, you can use the PlayURI using as URL something like x-rincon-stream:RINCON_xxxxxxxxxxxx01400 replacing xxxxxxxxxxxx by the MAC address of your Sonos unit (without the :).