Limiting Other Users' Access to Certain Devices


We have a vacation house that we rent on airbnb and I am in the process of automating the locks, garage opener, lights, putting in door/window sensors, and a camera in the garage.

I would like to create user accounts for our guests so that they can control some of the devices themselves but not all. For example:

  • guests - door locks, lights
  • privileged guests - door locks, lights, garage
  • house cleaner - door locks, lights, cleaning supply closet
  • gardener - garage (without access to the house)
  • me - everything

At first I thought that this could be achieved via the ‘Other Users’ accounts but it appears that a basic user has access to all devices no matter what and the only thing I can control is whether they get notifications or not.
Is that correct? And if yes, is there a way to achieve what I am looking for?


As long as you have electronic/wifi locks on each door, you can accomplish what you are asking by using different PINs for each device. Fo example, my PIN will work in all the locks. My gardener’s PIN only works in the side gate lock. My property manager’s PIN works in all of the locks except my office. Etc. For guests, we assign a PIN to the guest (the last four of their phone number) that is only valid during the time of their stay. For the lights, they can control them manually. I have some lights set up as “scenes” so they go off and on at different times so the house looks occupied when no one is there.

Does this means that only folk who have bought WON stuff will be allowed to look in ?

Perhaps a tablet configured with just the things you want to control?