Limit to # of sensors?

I have been trying to install 7 window/Door HRDS1 sensors and 2 ZIR000 motion detectors. Apparently Vera considers them all to be motion sensors. I started yesterday with 2 ZIR000 and 1 HRDS1 installed. After I installed the other 6 HRDS1 sensors, my 2 ZIR000 sensors disappeared. When I went back and excluded then included my 2 ZIR000 sensors, 2 of my HRDS1 sensors disappeared!
Thanks for any ideas or advice.
Vera2, 1047

The limit of Z-Wave is 232 nodes per controller.


Does this 232 limit include virtual devices, or only physical (hardware) devices?

Has anyone here reached this limit?

@JOD, I’ve seen this statement before, for those of us who are learning is a Node a device or is it a device and it’s associated neighbors kind of exponential growth with a X devices forming the base. Mike

All nodes are devices, but not all devices are nodes.

Nodes only apply to Z-Wave devices (232 max)

Check the settings tab of the device.
If it’s a node (Z-Wave device) it will have an ID number (assigned by the SIS during inclusion) and Device # (assigned by Vera)
If it’s not a node (Virtual Device, X-10, Insteon, Ping Sensor, Google Weather Plugin) it will only have the Device #.


Back to the original question - I believe there is a lingering bug in Vera, as I had couple of my HRDS1 sensors disappear before and had to re-add them. Not sure it’s related to the number of devices or sensors though…