Limit the number of Conditions

Somehow I got addicted to PLEG and I have now over 40 conditions. In one of the threads it was mentioned this could cause memory problems in my Vera.

I have no created a condition for every trigger (eg smoke detector tripped, frontdoor tripped etc) a condition which triggers a scene which sends (via Luup) a Prowl message and I have duplicated this with a Virtual Switch (No Wifi on my smartphone) to send a SMS via Twilio.

Condition : Frontdoortripped
Action: Run Prowl Scene

Condition: No Wifi and Frondoortripped
Action: Run Twilio scene

Can someone advise if there is a better way/doing it smarter?


Please read the posts carefully.

I said there is NO limit except that they all have to fit in memory.
At the same time I said that you should probably limit a PLEG to 20 conditions … otherwise it becomes to complex for the USER to manage/maintain.

Every time an Input Trigger changes, or a Device Property changes, or a Timer is triggered all of the conditions are evaluated. If the list is very long … you will be wasting CPU cycles evaluating potentially irrelevant conditions.

Ahh, sorry for that, misread you post then