Lightweight browser to run AltUI in raspberry kiosk mode?

Hi everyone, first post here. This is not a real problem, it is more an ask for advise.

Does any one run successfully AltUI in a browser other than Chromium on Raspberry?

I have a “home panel” ( = old monitor + raspberry) in my kitchen to display news, calendar and some custom Altui pages. A script flip the tabs in browser periodically.

I’m using Chromium browser on raspberry. Everything runs ok except by cpu consumption, it stays mostly at 100% (mostly from Chromium processes).
As I want to put some more stuff to run on this raspberry (basically voice prompts), I’m playing with other browsers to see if I can somehow reduce cpu usage.

The best results I achieved were using kweb . After enabling Javascript support on it, it rendered nice all my pages (except AltUI ones) with less than 50% of total cpu load on peak.

But unfortunately Altui pages refuses to load (it just show the ‘Waiting Initial Data’ and nothing happens). I waited up to 10 minutes.

Any advice?

Sounds like a JavaScript issue with the browser. Can you get a console log out of it, to see what it’s waiting for?

Not sure this forum area is really the right place for this fairly specific, and AltUI-related, question? Better perhaps in Plugins (AltUI) or maybe Apps & Remote Access?

@amg0 is the expert on this, but not sure he follows this section of the forum.

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Altui supports chrome and edge chromium it uses various libraries doing fairly sophisticated things…so this is probably not supported.