Lightwave Mood Switch - possible to rename buttons?

Light wave works great with the plugin, so thanks for that!

I have set up a mood switch in mode M so that the top two on/off buttons work effectively as moods. In conjunction with the House Mode plugin, the large 1 button triggers Home mode via a scene, the large 0 button triggers Away mode, and the All Off button triggers Night mode.

In the Vera interface however, I see modes 1-5 and Group Off. This is correct of course, but is there any way I can assign labels to these buttons to reflect their actual use in my context?


You have the option to update labels in the JSON file but it will affect all devices of this type. If you have only one, that’s an option.

Thanks, only one so far, so might try that… Would that get overwritten on upgrade?

yes except if you upgrade manually

Thanks - I think I’ll leave things as they are then as I think I’ll get another of these things at some point…

Please consider it a feature request though, should the opportunity present itself :slight_smile: