Lights turning off

Hello, I have a Hue with Althue installed I have noticed that the lights(and plugs) seem to turn them selves off over night, I turned on notification last night and it happened at 01:00 this morning
I dont have any scenes in vera or on the hue to do this, any ideas what might be causing this?

also in the Althue device there is a tab called Hue Scenes and when you click the tab it displays a lot of “scenes” with an id , according to the installation doc you can use these to run a scene in Vera BUT where are they in the Hue bridge they dont appear anywhere so I want to delete them in case they are running and turning things off

Those are the standard Hue scenes on the Hue bridge likely not related to your issue.

Have you check the house modes in Vera maybe that is turning them off.

Also check in the Philips Hue mobile app, could be something in there?

Hello thanks, tried the app doesnt seem to be anything in there, hadnt checked the home away modes so I just disabled them all to see if that sorts it, thanks

What plugs?

innr on\off plugs for things like security lights paired with a sensor to switch on and off when motion is detected or switching my garden lights on or off :wink:

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