Lights Turn On sometimes

Hi everyone.

I have Aeon Microswitches V2 installed in my house but sometimes i noticed that few lights turn ON by them selves for no reason.

Is there any cause for this? Anyone else had this problem and is there any potential solution - troubleshooting for this?

How is it wired into the circuit? Do you have it with a single pole switch, or in a 3-way configuration…

The switch is a simple On-Off wall switch which goes into the 2 switch signals of the module.

any chance there is a large-load (refrigerator compressor) or ‘noisy’ (hairdryer) thing sharing that circuit?

While you hunt it down, email Aeon and see if they can give you advice. They are really good about returning emails.

try Christopher. I’ll PM his email…

Tnx for the advice, i thought there could some noise issues. Perhaps if i turn other stuff through delays, the load may spread more evenly.

Will contact their support as well. Thank you for the info.

If you are wired as described, with no line voltage being fed to the 2 switch signals, there is virtually no chance that you are suffering a noise issue.

There are two possible causes for this mysterious turn on. The most probably cause is a scene or trigger action that is causing Vera to turn on the light. You can determine if this is happening by examining Vera’s log at the time of a mysterious turn on and see if Vera issued the command.

The other possibility is that the Aeon microswitch may be bad.

Which file in the log directory would have this information?