Lights On With Door KeyPin Entry at Night Only

I’ve spent the last 2 days reading over at least 100 post and have followed the examples to a “T” and still can’t get this to work…

At night, turn on 2 light when a PinKey is entered on the Yale door lock.

What I’ve done:
Far too many attempts to get into, but I’ve attached a status report of my final.

You can see that tDoor_Unlock_ByPin evaluates true on 2014-07-17 20:56:39.879
You can see that tNightTime evaluated true on 2014-07-17 20:30:15.104

But for whatever reason, cDoor_UnLock_TurnLightOn evaluated true on 2014-07-1712:54:14.517 (tNightTime;tDoor_Unlock_ByPin)

I suspect the reason why cDoor_UnLock_TurnLightOn will not trigger the action is because it’s not evaluating to True again, but I don’t understand why it’s not.

I’ve noticed that tNightTime;tDoor_Unlock_ByPin always evaluates true even if it’s during the day.

You need to turn on the Repeats for the condition: cDoor_UnLock_TurnLightOn


I've noticed that tNightTime;tDoor_Unlock_ByPin always evaluates true even if it's during the day.
Sequence expressions [b]ONLY[/b] look at the timestamp and not the value of the inputs. It is true the the door was opened after the last nightime.

What you want is:
tNightTime and (tNightTime;tDoor_Unlock_ByPin)

Thank you again Sir. Works perfectly.

I will eventually “get the hang of this thing”… :stuck_out_tongue: