Lights off shortcut does know about my lights

The shortcut named lights off does not work with any of my lights. They are all Jasco 45609. It doesn’t seem to know they are light switches??? I can create a scene called all lights out and turn them all out, but how do I get the lights out shortcut to work? I’m using VeraLite with UI7

I’m not an expert at this, but my lights off only works with my Lightwave switches if they’re set to dimmable lights instead of light swight (binarylight). Not sure if this helps you.

All Off/On to my recollection excludes binary devices as some of those are appliance controllers and only supports dimmers. Doubt you’d want to switch eg your fridge off when you click ‘switch all lights off’.

Although it would be nice if there was an option to add/remove devices (lights) to that option as well so you can configure it to your needs.

Well I’m assuming your using the stock andriod or IOS app to control this? One solution would be to switch to another app.

If your sitting at a computer and want this in the UI your easiest way would to use a virtual switch (plugin) and link your scene to that virtual switch.