Lights Not Turning Off

I have a scene that turns on the flood lights (four different switches) when the alarm panel is armed away. The scene turns the lights on immediately and then has a 5 minute delayed action to turn them off again. The problem is that the lights always turn on, but never turn off when the scene is run automatically by the arming of the alarm panel. If I run the scene manually it works.

I also tried creating a second scene that is triggered by the arming of the alarm panel and turns the lights off after a 7 minute delay (it only has the off command, no on command). The lights turn on as they are supposed to from the first scene, but never turn off from the second scene.

Any ideas?

I had a similar issue with a scene that I had setup to turn on my pool pump and then turn it off after a few hours. I now have separate scenes for on and off and it works fine. I believe my issue was a plug-in that was causing LUUP restarts, I think the timer is reset when LUUP restarts occur. Your 5 minute delay should be fine but I have seen it happen. I’d check out your logs and see if you’re getting restarts often.

Just a guess, hope you figure it out.